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Hold on.

She’s walking down the road to school tired.
Everyday’s the same, she’s all resigned.
At first you’re no one there, so you must fit to them.
But is it worth it if you start losing yourself?

Just hold on, if it’s not today it will be tomorrow.
Don’t drown yourself within tears and sorrow.
Hold on till something come. Something better will come.
C’mon, girl, don’t give it all up.

She comes back home and replace her shirts by skirts.
High heels that she never wore, and threw away her jeans.
Cheerleaders start to accept her in their group.
But girl, you’re losing the real you.


She crosses fast the street, throws away those heels.
Cleans her face of gloss and make up.
Those girls won’t let her walk by their side anymore.
But she prefers be who she is though she’ll walk alone.
Well done.


I’m walking down the road to school tired.
Everyday’s the same but with music in my ears it gets more entertaining.

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